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  • New Year Resolutions for You and Your Dog in 2021

    New Year Resolutions for You and Your Dog in 2021

    Need some fresh ways to play with your pup? Take a look at this 10 great options for your pitbull to keep them busy. Plus some super cute durable dog toys to add to your collection.
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  • Pitbull Tough - 30 Durable Dog Toys Rated

    Pitbull Tough - 30 Durable Dog Toys Rated

    Everyone is always in search of that perfect durable dog toy. With every business comes growth and changes, and for us that meant expanding our products. While we still cater mostly to bully breeds and pitbull power chewers, we decided to start offering products for a wider range of dogs. You might be asking, well how do I know what to buy now! Great question, and that's why we have prepared this guide. All our toys also list a power chewer rating from soft - power chewer levels. Let's get started with our toughest toys down to our softest toys. Indestructibones...

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  • Toughest Dog Toys 2021

    Toughest Dog Toys 2021

    Let's be honest, how much money have you spent on dog toys for your power chewer? You'd be lying to yourself if you haven't spent hundreds on dog toys, just to find that one toy that holds up. And once you do find it, you buy it in bundles just in case they get discontinued, or gets lost, or just to have extras on hand. You've likely gone to pet stores so many times asking for their toughest dog toys, only to have your dog destroy it in minutes. It seems like an endless battle. I too struggled with this,...

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  • Why Are Toys So Important For Dogs?

    Why Are Toys So Important For Dogs?

    Almost every dog owner can pull out a bin of dog toys that they have purchased their bully breed, pitbull, or other power chewer dog. Usually that dog toy bin contains bits and pieces of ripped up toys, and they could tell you exactly how long each toy lasted, and which ones were worth the price (let's be honest we have all spent way too much on a toy before that was not worth the price).Not many understand the important of toys for your pitbull dog, and how critical it is to find a toy that matches your dogs needs....

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  • Dog Product Businesses We Love

    Dog Product Businesses We Love

    Running a Kitchener dog business has started me on a quest to find amazing small businesses that my dog customers can appreciate. As someone who loves my dog like a child, I always try to find products that are the "best of the best" for her, and that support other businesses just as passionate as mine. Below I have a list of some amazing businesses that I think you will love too.Products: Wild Carnivore Raw - best treats out there. I feed my dog raw, but I find it's tricky to do raw treats since they can be messy and I...

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  • Pitbulls and BSL

    Pitbulls and BSL

    If you own a pitbull (or are just a lover of them) you likely know that pitbulls are wonderful dogs but are unfortunately are subject to some intense discrimination. Pitbulls can often be kind and affectionate animals (you better be prepared for some kisses) but there is a lot of research to suggest they are dangerous dogs. Because of this, places like Ontario, Canada do not allow pitbulls. We believe STRONGLY at Pitbull Tough that this is an unfair law, and that a well trained pitbull is a great family dog. Although we support raw feeding for dogs and balanced...

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