Dog Product Businesses We Love

Dog Product Businesses We Love

Running a Kitchener dog business has started me on a quest to find amazing small businesses that my dog customers can appreciate. As someone who loves my dog like a child, I always try to find products that are the "best of the best" for her, and that support other businesses just as passionate as mine. Below I have a list of some amazing businesses that I think you will love too.


  1. Wild Carnivore Raw - best treats out there. I feed my dog raw, but I find it's tricky to do raw treats since they can be messy and I can't take them on-the-go. This company does dehydrated treats that work perfectly in toys or in my fanny pack.
  2. Raw Performance - speaking of raw food, this is one of our fav companies. They offer a great and balanced raw food option, and are super great at customer service. I tried other brands in the past, and none has given me the balance (and the perfect doggie poops) quite like this company does.
  3. Collars by Kiss - we ordered a custom collar and leash from this company, and Kelli (the owner) was amazing. We chose a martingale collar and six foot leash, and they came out beautiful. I would recommend anyone looking for a leash/collar upgrade to try them (I even got to pick the pretty pink clip on it).
    Collars by Kiss
  4. Low Key Designs - dog tags are a must for any dog, to ensure that should the worst happen (your dog runs away) that whoever catches them can find you. I chose to order a dog tag from these guys, and definitely am happy with the decision. We choose the "yaas queen" dog tag that completely suits our spoiled princess.
    Low Key Designs Canada
  5. Mammoth Dog Beds - my dog loves the option to spread out or hunker dog into a ball, so these beds were perfect. They cater specifically to big dogs, and have great customer service (literally responded to my 10:00 pm message). The whole bed is washable too, which really helps me out with my big ol' drooler.
  6. Blueboy Organics - my girl gets eaten alive by mosquito's, and can get a sunburn on her cute little pink head. I love the blue boy mosquito repellent and "shade" product so that my girl is safe from mosquitos and protected from the sun.
    Blueboy Organics
  7. Bully Love Boutique - a perfect place to get amazing doggie (and human) accessories that are sure to please. We have gotten pillows and banadas from them, and their care and customer service is amazing. Would recommend to anyone looking for cute accessories.

Well that about raps it up. Let us know if you have ordered from any of these brands, and your experience with them!

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