Flirt Pole For Dogs - how to work your dog without tiring you out

Flirt Pole For Dogs - how to work your dog without tiring you out

If you own a pitbull, a bully breed, or any kind of high energy dog you know you can really wear yourself out trying to keep up with your poochie. Your furry friend seems to have this endless amount of energy that only Olympic athletes could deal with. You need activities that work their minds and their bodies to ensure you get some prime snuggle time at the end of the day. A flirt pole is a great way to stimulate the mind and the body, while ensuring minimal effort from you.

Below I have a D.I.Y version of a flirt pole I made myself, and links to buy one online. If you make one yourself you can customize it more for your dogs strength, but purchasing one saves you the hassle of making some makeshift product. So really, it's all about what's best for you and how creative you want to be.

How to D.I.Y your flirt toy.

Materials you need:

  • PVC Pipe (I got one about 5ft which I find is a great length)
  • A rope (you will want something decently thick, and I'd say at least 10ft)
  • Fun tape (it can be sports tape, electrical tape, duct tape)
  • One of our great toys here (or another toy I guess, but your dog told me they would definitely like one of ours best)

Honestly, the hardest part of this project is getting the tools. It's pretty smooth sailing from here.

  1. Thread the rope through the pile. 
  2. Tie the rope on each side of the pole
  3. Allow at least 3-5 ft of extra string hanging out
  4. Tie a toy to the end of the rope (do not do what I did which was create your own hole with a drill. This is definitely going to break the pipe haha)
  5. Decorate as you'd like


I obviously chose the super cute pink rope with some yellow and green electrical tape. I clearly am not a good decorator (or colour coordinator) but at least it kept me busy for a half hour.

If you see this and have now decided the DIY life isn't for you, I have some options for buying some awesome (and premade) ones.

  1. Squishy Face Flirt Pole - $28.99
    This one looks like it has great reviews, and is super lightweight. I would honestly say it's worth the investment
  2. Etsy Flirt Pole - $28.38
    This one seems pretty low key. Not too sure how well this would hold up to a tough bully

Our toys have holes completely through them, to make it easy to hook them up to your new flirt pole. You can check out all our toys on our collection page here.

Well that's it. If you do make a flirt pole, be sure to tag us at #pitbulltough so we can see your awesome creations!


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