Group Doggie Classes Is Not Our Jam

Group Doggie Classes Is Not Our Jam

So I know my dog trainer didn't give "failures" and "passes" - but if she did we would get a big doggie D- in her class. You know how there is always one dog who barks slightly more than all the others? Having my dog in group doggie classes was like having that dog constantly bark at you through the whole class (and when I say the whole class I do mean it), plus some additional lunging and trying to kill dogs. Oh, and sprinkle that with a few bites to me and my boyfriend...and that is what is was like taking group dog classes with my dog.

This is not to downgrade group dog classes at all. I think for the right dog learning socialization and manners, this would be a great option for them. However for a dog who gets overwhelmed by anything and can turn around at the drop of a hat to fight off things near her, it was not at all an environment she could succeed in. That's ok though, every dog is a little different. 

The main point of this post is to say that even though group dog classes were not right for her, this doesn't mean she is a "bad dog", untrainable, or that that was the end of her training. In fact, this was the beginning of a long strand of training sessions with different trainers for our dog (till we found the right one). I truly do not believe any dog is untrainable for anything, it's just whether you are ready to put in the time and patience to work them through what they need. 

Group training lead us to individual training, with a dog trainer that was more specialized in dogs with behavioral and mental issues. Again, this wouldn't be our last trainer to try. In fact, not even the next trainer was the last trainer we tried. Or even the next trainer we tried after that, still not our last trainer...

I love to stress the importance of finding the right trainer to suit your needs. My dog is bat sheeit crazy and I know this. It takes a trainer with a unique set of skills to be able to train her and get her to the point she can chill the f*ck down and just be with us. So often I hear that someone tried "training" and it didn't work for them. That's not really how dog training goes. You can't just try out one trainer and be like, oh welp that didn't work guess my dog is untrainable. Find the right trainer to suit your needs. It doesn't necessarily have to be the trainer with the most social media likes. Or the trainer that's recommended by all your friends. Sometimes it is just the trainer with the proven experience, the time, and the drive you need for your furry friend. At the end of the day, its not really about you and what you think. It is about what your dog needs and what is going to get them in the state to live the best and healthiest life for them.

Alright rant over, here is a dog picture to make this post worthwhile. 

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