Pitbull Tough - 30 Durable Dog Toys Rated

Pitbull Tough - 30 Durable Dog Toys Rated

Everyone is always in search of that perfect durable dog toy. With every business comes growth and changes, and for us that meant expanding our products. While we still cater mostly to bully breeds and pitbull power chewers, we decided to start offering products for a wider range of dogs. You might be asking, well how do I know what to buy now! Great question, and that's why we have prepared this guide. All our toys also list a power chewer rating from soft - power chewer levels.

Let's get started with our toughest toys down to our softest toys.

  1. Indestructibones - our top of the line, most durable dog toy we have. The perfect toy for those who want a pitbull tough toy. It's made of a polymar that is super thick, so it will worry your bully breed hard as they chew through it. Plus there is a small hole down the middle that's perfect for peanut butter.
  2. Monster Antlers - almost equally as durable as the indestructibones, but slightly more messy. We have multiple sizes of antlers for a variety of dogs, but our monster size is our most popular. Antlers are a natural chew toy for dogs, and provide minerals for them as they chew.
  3. Jumbo Antler - while not quite as big as our monster antlers, they still hold up against tough dog chewers.
  4. XL Antler - still a durable dog toy any pitbull would love to receive.
  5. Barkbone Zombie Nylon Cheddar - these big and durable dog toys are sure to please the pickiest of dogs. Not only is it a large enough durable dog toy that is pitbull tough, but it's also infused with cheese flavour. The perfect dog toy for any bully breed.
  6. Barkbone Wish Bacon - a perfect power chewer durable dog toy. Got two bullies who love to share? This toy would be a great fit for playing tug of war, or just as a long lasting dog toy. Since there are two ends to this dog toy, it's sure to last a long time.
  7. SodaPup Skull Reward Dog Toy - one of our best selling durable dog toys is our skull. Because the toy has smooth curves rather than ridges (like the Kong dog toys), it makes it super slippery when combined with all that pitbull drool. Your bully breed will love tossing this around, or you can stuff it with treats for extra fun. 
  8. SodaPup Dinosaur Egg Rubber Treat Dog Toy - very similar to our skull toy, this one is a crowd favourite since it has almost no edges, so it makes it hard for tough pitbulls to tear this toy.
  9. SodaPup Peanut Nylon Dog Toy - this toy is huge, which is why it's one of our favourites. Your tough pitbull will love having peanut butter smeared all over this toy, and because it's so big it's sure to last enough with the toughest of bully breeds. Our paw print nylon toy and our coffee shaped dog toy are also very similar to this toy.
  10. SodaPup Bone Nylon Dog Toy - what more can we say about this toy other than it's a pitbull tough toy, it's shaped like a bone, and it's pink!
  11. Bongo Barkbone Prime Rib - say hello to clean teeth with this toy. A perfect durable dog toy that not only satisfies your dog, but those small ridges also help to keep those teeth pearly white. A win for bully breeds, and a win for you.
  12. SodaPup Hotdog Nylon Dog Toy - this toy has become another super popular option for power chewers, since it's a little thicker than some of our other nylon toys. The ridges also make it perfect for smearing peanut butter (or dunking in hotdog juice).
  13. Bone Nylon Dog Toy - get back to our traditional dog toys with a classic bone shape. These pitbull tough dog toys are classic, inexpensive, and are flavoured. What more could you need from a durable dog toy?
  14. SodaPup Grenade Rubber Dog Toy - this toy is the bomb if you are looking for a pitbull tough dog toy. This durable and long lasting dog toy comes with a rope attached so you can really give it a good throw. 
  15. SodaPup Football Treat Rubber Dog Toy - who is up for a great game of football? While these rubber toys are quite as strong as our black rubber toys, they still stand up quite well to bully breeds and power chewers. Plus who doesn't love to throw around the ball with their best friend? This toy also can be found in a cute frog shape here.
  16. SodaPup Shackle Tug Rubber Dog Toy - are you ready for a good fight? This toy is perfect for a pitbull durable dog toy, that is also a great interactive toy option. We suggest this toy be used for tug of war, as a way to keep your hands safe while also providing fun for your bully breed. Tug of war is a great way to build up a strong bond with your tough pitbull.
  17. SodaPup Bottle Top Frisbee Rubber Dog Toy - speaking of interactive toys, here is another great one. We recommend this for pitbulls who love to run and chase after their favourite toys. This frisbee can really fly to make your bully breed run hard. We advise not using this as a chew toy, and only to be used in interactive play.
  18. X-Tire Ball Dog Toy - are you ready to make some noise? This durable dog toy will please your pitbull as it zooms through your house making fun animal noises. It's motion activated so the more playful your dog is, the more fun the toy is. We suggest putting this toy away when not in use (partially to save you from insanity) as it's best used for play and not for heavy chewing.
  19. SodaPup Skull Rubber Treat Dog Toy - Pink - did you know some of our toys come in multiple colours? Our rubber toys will often come in different colours, and the colours indicate how tough the toy is. Black is our very toughest of rubber toys, and our pink toys are more for moderate chewers or puppies. 
  20. Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy - very similar to our tire toy, this pitbull approved dog toy will provide hours of endless (loud) fun. It's a motion activated dog ball which talks to your tough bully breeds and encourages play.
  21. SodaPup Corn on the Cob Nylon Dog Toy - another great nylon toy option. This durable dog toy cannot be resisted, your dog will love biting right into it. Plus its super long to encourage a longer life for this dog toy.
  22. SodaPup Grenade Nylon Dog Toy - I guess we don't need to say it again, but we will. Nylon toys are super long lasting dog toys, and perfect for covering in peanut butter.
  23. Pack of 2 Breath and Peanut Butter Nylon Dog Toys - even though most of our toys are designed for medium to large dogs, we do try to cater to small dogs as well. These tough toys for small dogs will add some flavorful fun to your dogs toy collection.
  24. SodaPup Crazy Bounce Ball Rubber Dog Toy - this fun crazy rubber dog toy comes in both a pink and orange colour. The ball can bounce around your house, keeping your pitbull entertained for hours. It's not as durable as our black rubber toys but is sure to provide endless amounts of fun.
  25. SodaPup Puppy Bottle Top Frisbee Rubber Dog Toy - the perfect puppy toy for tossing around the backyard with your new bully breed puppy. We suggest having a handful of great durable interactive puppy toys for your new best friend.
  26. SodaPup Beer Bottle Rubber Chew Toy - this toy is super fun to watch your pitbull carry around. Again, not as strong as our black toys - but it's super hilarious so we had to added it to the collection.

  27. SodaPup Pop Top Dog Rubber Tug Toy - another perfect tug toy to add to your collection of tough dog toys. We recommend tug toys for interactive play with your pitbull, rather than as a chew toy.
  28. Dinosaur Peanut Butter and Wood Dog Toy - we recommend this toy for soft to moderate chewers only - or if your power chewer is good at not eating the pieces they rip off. It's a more natural chew option that combines wood and nylon to create a tasty toy your bully breed will enjoy.
  29. Barkbone Zombie Bamboo and Peanut Butter Dog Toy - similar to our wood toy above, this one is made out of bamboo instead of wood. These toys are also both allergy free, with synthetic peanut butter flavour. 
  30. Puppy Puck Dog Toy - honestly, we just threw this one in for fun. This toy is not durable at all, and really just a fun toy to slide around the kitchen floor. I only recommend it to my gentle chewing pitbulls.


Well, that about wraps it up folks. 30 amazing toys, all available through us. We are always just a short message away should you have any questions. Feel free to also send us dog pictures, we will never say no to more dog photos.

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