So I Have a Dog

So I Have a Dog

Welp, she is here. Somehow we managed to survive a two hour car trip, Canadian border crossing, and an accidentally run-in with the cat once we got home. Thankfully we were all so exhausted from the whole trip that everyone came home and instantly went to sleep.

I think I was about ready to shit a brick.

As soon as I awoke, and a fresh wave of panic rolled over me, I called my good friend and dog trainer to save me from utter panic. She assured me everything would be ok, to come over right away, and she’d teach me a thing or two about managing this beast that just entered my home. By this point, my hands were already completely fucked by rope burn. I was thankful to have a person in my life who knew about dogs are cared enough to know that I was in way over my head and that they would be there to help bail me out.

Even though after a few months we realized Alana was a bit beyond even the best of dog trainers, our trainer was still invaluable to us. On that day especially she was able to calm me down, show me how to walk without burning my hands to hell, and she made me feel like I had things over control. Mostly because she agreed right away to enrol us in her dog class, but also because she is just fantastic and truly believed my dog was just another normal pup. 

Right away I think a part of her knew my dog was a little special (or that I was freaking out) and she agreed to put Alana in her dog class straight away. We weren't supposed to start until the fall, but thankfully a spot came open. My friend went through some basics like tying the leash to my waist for better control, and how not to allow Alana to force past me through doors. It would at least keep me alive for the next week - which was the most I could hope for at this point.

I thought, things will be better once we start classes. We will learn how to control her, all will be well, and things will get better soon. Of course though life doesn't quite work that way and it would be a long time before we starting seeing steps in the right direction. But there was some definite hope at that point, and thats what really mattered.

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