The Big Arrival

The Big Arrival

So today is the day, the big day and the big arrival. Today was the day I was getting the most wonderful bundle of joy, and I had visions of puppy dogs dancing in my head.

Getting to this day was definitely not easy. After phoning with the rescue to enquire about Alana, I had assumed the reviewal process would take months to complete. However, in the longest/shortest week of my life, by dog was set to arrive. The rescue had promised me a beautiful brindle boxer/bulldog - who was good with cats, kids, and other dogs. I thought with a bit of training, I'd have the best dog ever.

The dogs (all 20 of them) were coming from the Deep South all the way to Buffalo where we could meet with them, and all my wildest dreams would come true. There was a few day delay with a broken bus, but eventually the day finally came.

There I stood (with no leash, no collar, and no understanding apparently of what dogs need) in full anticipation of her to come off that bus. They were calling out people by name and handing off puppies like prized goods. I wanted impatiently, finally I heard them call the magic word "Alana" and I bolted for the back door of the rickety bus. The smell of dog poop was hanging in the air like spoiled fruit - if the spoiled fruit was then dropped in dog shit.

Before I could even fully comprehend the situation, Alana jumped off the back of the bus (something that none of the other dogs dared to try) and flew through the air as if freedom had finally come her way. Thankfully one quick grab and we had the leash, but I knew that I was in for some trouble. This girl was definitely a lot different than all the other dogs and I was in way over my head.

It wasn't until we finally got her in the centre of the field, away from all the dogs and people and cars and literally anything that moved, when she could finally stop to breath. I am pretty sure that short two minute walk to the middle of the field already had me covered in leash burns all over my hands. All the other dogs were off playing with their new humans and meeting the other dogs, while mine was in a full blown meltdown of epic proportions. To be fair though, if I had to stay in a bus for multiple days with dogs barking and shit everywhere - I would probably be losing my mind too. We definitely had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.

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