Toughest Dog Toys 2021

Toughest Dog Toys 2021

Let's be honest, how much money have you spent on dog toys for your power chewer? You'd be lying to yourself if you haven't spent hundreds on dog toys, just to find that one toy that holds up. And once you do find it, you buy it in bundles just in case they get discontinued, or gets lost, or just to have extras on hand. You've likely gone to pet stores so many times asking for their toughest dog toys, only to have your dog destroy it in minutes. It seems like an endless battle.

I too struggled with this, and wanted some better options. So my whole website is dedicated to finding you the perfect dog toy your dog can keep. While we can't promise it will last forever, we do stand by our toys and know they will last your furry friend through some tough play sessions.

Let's start with our least aggressive toys, and work upwards from there.

1. SodaPup Cupcake - Let's be honest, we did this for the IG. Our cupcake dog toy is a crowd favourite for doggie birthdays Even though this toy doesn't hold up quite as well as our others, we still think it will please even the pickiest of bully breeds and pitbulls. We would still classify this as one durable dog toy. Don't forget to snap a pic and tag us!

2. SodaPup Bull Frog - This toy is not only ADORABLE, but it's pretty darn tough. Another rubber toy that's similar to the cupcake, but holds up even longer than a tasty cupcake. Even though pitbulls might eventually tear through this one (because nothing great lasts forever), it will hold up so much longer than those cheap toys you bought at the pet store.

3. SodaPup Skull Reward Toy - Alright, ready for a rubber tough toy that's going to beat out all the others. This is made of the thickest, most bad a$$ rubber we could possibly find. The extra bonus is that the sides of this toy are super slick and slippery. This makes it an extra tough dog toy to hang onto, that your pitbull will have so much fun trying to hold onto.

4. SodaPup Hotdog - HOTDOG this toy is built to last. It's actually our favourite nylon toy because it's super thick, which means that it's going to be hard for a dog to break off into pieces. Let your dog slowly chew away on this delicious dog, to keep your favourite dog busy. A tough dog toy that is sure to hold up last the summer BBQ.

5. Antler - This one is a simple toy with so many benefits built in. While we recommend starting with starting with a split antler (something we currently don't sell), a full antler is something to always have on hand for your tough dog. We offer a monster dog antler for dogs who need the most durable dog toy, and who are experienced power chewers. The antler is not only tough (and cleans your dogs teeth) but it provides calcium and important nutrients to your dogs overall health. Plus, these antlers are naturally shed from elk/deer every spring - so no animals were harmed in the making of these tough dog toys.

Indestructibones - Last but not least, our pride and joy. Welcome to the toughest dog toy that your bully breed or pitbull will ever meet. Why is this toy so tough? It's made of a super strong polymar that is safe for your dog to consume. This tough dog toy is meant to naturally flake as your dog chews it, rather than split into big chunks (that could cause a choking hazard). We believe so heavily in this product, it has a 90 day replacement guarantee (but good luck whittling it down before then). 

That wraps up the toughest toys we have, in order from the moderately tough to super tough. We know the struggle of finding that perfect toy, so please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are happy to help find the perfect product, and exchange cute pet pictures. Remember, durable dog toys are super important for working your dog, both mentally and physically.

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