Why Are Toys So Important For Dogs?

Why Are Toys So Important For Dogs?

Almost every dog owner can pull out a bin of dog toys that they have purchased their bully breed, pitbull, or other power chewer dog. Usually that dog toy bin contains bits and pieces of ripped up toys, and they could tell you exactly how long each toy lasted, and which ones were worth the price (let's be honest we have all spent way too much on a toy before that was not worth the price).

Not many understand the important of toys for your pitbull dog, and how critical it is to find a toy that matches your dogs needs. While some dogs love to shred apart a plush toy, it probably gives them stimulation for all of two minutes before your living room is covered in tiny bits of fluff. And your once clean house looks like a war scene while you just flushed away $20 of your hard earned money. It's not worth it for your dog. and it's definitely not worth it for you.

While it's super important to always watch your dog when they play, it's also nice to know they can sit there chewing on their favourite toy without you worried it's in pieces. It gives you a break to do some work, while tiring out your dog. Most dogs are like kids, and they can easily outrun any of us - so you need to do yourself the favour of investing in a good toy.

If you want a toy that you can have your dog chew while being undisturbed, I recommend our nylon toys like our Sodapup Hotdog. A nylon toy like this is made out of thick hard material, so the dog will need to slowly wittle away on it. It should last you lots of rounds of aggressive chews.

Another great way to utilize toys with your dog is by slowing down their eating. A dog toy like our bully breed approved Sodapup Grenade Toy can be stuffed with treats, kibble, or raw food - which is a great way to make your pitbull work for their food. Dogs actually love to work for things, and it challenges their brain to try to figure out how to get the food. In the wild, dogs likely wouldn't just randomly stumble on food, it's in their nature to work hard for it.

Speaking of our Sodapup Grenade Dog Toy, a toy that comes with a rope or "tug" option is a great way to build up a bond with your dog. For instance our Sodapup Shackle Tug Toy can be used for great backyard fun with your bully breed since you can safety grab one end while they grab the other one. Using tug of war as a bonding exercise can be a great way to establish trust and play. I would definitely recommend having this in your toy basket.

While I recommend all these toys for different reasons, we are happy to find the perfect toy for you and your dog. Shoot us a quick note to pitbulltough2@gmail.com and be sure to include a cute picture of your bully breed, pitbull, or other wonderful dog breed.

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