About Me

"So they want to get to know me, do they? They want to spend a little quality time with the Grinch"

I always struggle to find some kind of authenticity in life - even as someone who has never truly tried to push the boundaries. I always found that clothing was something that allowed me to blossom into the wonderful and special person I am today. I don't always make the best choices - as you might be able to see from my clothing choices, but I always do what I think is best. 

I want to showcase products that have no hidden agenda. I can't promise that I will make you cool or interesting, making you into an entirely different person. You already have the capabilities to do those things. I just want to offer clothes that are as special as the person that wears them - allowing you to show those parts of yourself never express.

I would love to leave you with the feeling of comfort in an online space that provides zero judgement. Be the you that you always wanted to be, but never had the courage to express till now.

You are who you are, so be that person that never felt comfortable being.