Brands We Carry

When it comes to your bully breeds and pitbulls, you always want to make sure you know what is going into their mouths. We want to make sure you feel safe and happy with the durable dog toys you are getting. We believe in carrying great Canadian and USA dog toy brands that you can be happy with your dogs chewing. If you ever have questions about a particular, send us an email to


These durable dog toys are great for pitbulls, bully breeds, and power chewers. They are made in the USA power chewer dogs toys that have been made with your dog in mind. They offer three levels of toughness, the black toys being the toughest dog toys of them all (which is the one we most often carry). The puppy toys are made for tender teeth (in pink), and all others are the regular tough dog toys. All their toys have a 30 day guarantee to last against your power chewer pitbulls.

They are also FDA compliant, BPA and phthalate free, as well as dishwasher safe.

Their warranty covers 30 days.
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Looking for an indestructible dog toy that your power chewer can actually have last? We have a great option in our indestructibones. They are made out of a polymar that naturally flakes off over time. There is an added bonus of a small hole to insert treats into. It's easy for your pitbulls and bully breed dogs to love these durable dog toys.

Their warranty covers 90 days.

Wild Carnivore Raw


Our latest addition to our collection, Wild Carnivore treats have been tested time and time again by our power chewers (and loved every time). They are single ingredient, dehydrated meat treats that are sure to please every bully breed and pitbull.

These treats have no warranty on them, but we assure you they won't last long with your bully breed or pitbull.
Wild Carnivore Raw dog treats
Pet Qwerks

We have fallen in love with Pet Qwerks since we started carrying them in 2020. They offer a range of toys which include soft toys, interactive dog toys (Violet's new fav is the tire ball), and some super durable dog toys. They have provided some of new power chewer toys, which we absolutely love. This brand does amazing things with nylon toys.

There is no guarantees on these, but send us a message if you need a recommendation.

American Dog

This is our brand for all things cute and plushy. While it's not one of our stronger brands, we have found great success in their firehose and soft plush toys. It's a great options for those with soft or more moderate chewers when you don't need a super durable dog toy. These toys are also great for dogs that need a snuggle buddy.

There are no guarantees on these, and we only recommend them for softer chewers.

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Poochie Butter

We only get one product from this brand, but we love the Dog Lick Pad. It's perfect for dogs like Violet that don't enjoy the bath and need a little encouragement staying in the tub.