How to pick the perfect toy

When you own a power chewer, it's difficult to pick a toy that will actually stand up to your dog. It seems that they chew apart everything you give them. You might be lucky if you own one toy they don't immediately rip to pieces. And you have no idea how that particular toy stood the test of time. So here is a handy guide to help you out - and give you the most success with your doggie toy.


  1. How big is your dog?
    Getting a dog toy that matches your dogs size is key. We tend to pick our product based on 50 - 100 lb dogs, but we do carry smaller size toys and extra large toys for the big boys. It's always better to size up, than size down if your dog is an aggressive chewer. That being said, never leave your dog unattended with a toy. That's how dogs end up with broken teeth or eating pieces of toy (followed by a costly surgery). Look at our puppy specific toys for small sizes, and our XL toys for larger sizes.
  2. Does your dog like to rip things apart, or just chew the product?
    If your dog likes to rip things, our nylon toys like our Corn on the Cob dog toy here. This is made of a hard and durable material - and your dog can't rip it. They will slowly whittle away at it and chew it down. However if your dog likes to sit there and chew (without ripping) our rubber toys would be best. Our SodaPup Soda Can is a crowd favourite, and is flexible so that it's tough for your dog to chew through.
  3. Does your dog like to eat the pieces, or knows to spit them out?
    My last dog was super smart, and despite being a power chewer who could rip through anything - she always knew not to eat the pieces. However my new girl thinks everything is food, and will eat anything that rips off the toy. If you know they will eat the pieces, it's best to get a toy like our Bambone here that naturally sheds off pieces that they can eat. It's always good to make sure they don't eat too much of the toy in one sitting (too much of a good thing is a bad thing), so make sure you take it away after an appropriate amount of time. 

  4. Got a dog that goes through EVERYTHING?!
    Sometimes there are dogs out there that are so powerful that they just go through everything. No matter what kind of toy you get them, they do go through it within a short period of time. In that case, you will want to get a toy they can safety work through that is going to hold up for the maximum length of time. Check out our elk antlers here for large antlers that are about as thick as a soda stream bottle. They will eventually go through them, but at least it will last longer than a deer antler.

If you still aren't sure which dog toy to get, shoot us an email at and I will be sure to give you some great recommendations!