Indestructibone Dog Toy


If you need a durable tough dog toy for your pitbull or bully breed dog, look no further than the Indestructibone. These bad boys might not look very fancy, but your pup will definitely love chewing down on these. The chew toy is made from a tough polymer that will naturally flake off over time. Not as messy as an antler is, but with all the fun. Plus you can put dog treats in the small hole in the middle. Recommended size is based on weight of dog.

  • Brand: Indestructibone
  • Made of polymer
  • FDA compliant
  • BPA free
  • Made for power chewers

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Truly indestructible!

My 30 lb power chewer can destroy just about anything, but this is still around weeks later, close to the same size it started. Been looking for these in Canada for a while, glad to have found them so close to home!

Truly indestructible

This is exactly as it says. Excellent product and well worth it . My only wish is that is would come in a smaller size.

Hey there Emily! We actually have this toy in a mini size as well (you got the original size) if you ever need a smaller option. :)

Truly indestructible!

Our terrier is a terror when it comes to toys. This is the only toy in her stash that looks brand new, even after a couple of weeks of tough use. There's a small opening for treats/pb and she loves going after it. This was a great investment!

Tough as nails !

Amazing chew toy ! I finally can keep my rugs and wood trim! Indestructibone has been my savour ! Need another one for my other fur baby!


Lily loved all her new toys. Very happy to see that she can literally gnaw away to her hearts content and the product still holds up 👍👍